Band History

As records show, St Erth Band dates back to the mid 19th Century, and the earliest reporting of the bands performance in the village of St Erth was in 1840 to celebrate the Royal Marriage of Queen Victoria and Price Albert.

Research is still being done into the history of the band, but as far as we know there was still a band in the early 20th Century.

The Band then re-formed in 1973, with Idris Stone as the Musical Director and they were soon busy with engagements in the village, Penwith and Kerrier areas, and competing in Band Contests. Idris retired because of health problems in 1987 and two conductors came and went during the next two years. 

George Lawry became Musical Director in 1989. At this time there seemed to be a shortage of brass players, but there were woodwind players who were looking for a Band to join once they had left full time education. The decision was made in 1991 to become the St. Erth Concert Band with brass and woodwind players. 

We were soon busy accepting engagements and giving concerts including Last Night of the Proms Concerts, which proved very popular. George continued as Musical Director and after our success in 2006, the Band competed in the Truro Music Festival and won for the second year in 2008. In 2015 we took part in the National Concert Band Festival in Gloucester, and won a Gold award. In 2016 we made our debut performance at the Royal Cornwall Show which was a fantastic experience. After 27 successful years directing the band, George decided to hand in the baton at the end of 2016 and has taken up playing again.

Article from West Briton Newspaper dated 14th February, 1840

“We have received a long report of the celebrations of the Royal Marriage (Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) at the village (St. Erth). The pupils of Mr. Trewren (schoolmaster) consisting of a number of respectable, well dressed boys and girls, had a holiday. They decorated with white favours and marched in procession through several villages. There were met on their return by St. Erth Band who played a number of suitable airs until they arrived opposite Mr. Trewren’s residence, which was brilliantly illuminated for the occasion. They then concluded the days proceedings with God save the Queen.”