March Madness 2018

An Evening of Musical Silliness

A fun night was enjoyed by the Band and the audience at our March Madness Concert.

The concept was the brainchild of our MD Jeff JB Burton, with his Disney background. The music chosen by him for the event was a random selection from our repertoire which included the theme from Chicken Run featuring the clarinet section on kazoos, followed by the trombone section accompanying Surrey With The Fringe On Top on coconut shells.
Another favourite of the evening was Mr Sandman with our very own bevy of beauties doing an impression of The Andrews Sisters.
On a slightly more serious note were treated to the Saxophone section playing Take Five, and a euphonium duet by Sally Goble and Paul Roddy.

In the spirit of Madness, musicians and audience were invited to wear crazy clothes and the prize of Dinner for Two at The Boatshed was awarded to Richard Read for his Mad Hatter costume.

Refreshments were served during the Interval, and Gareth Clarke treated us to a hilarious description of the raffle prizes.

Several Musicians from other bands swelled our ranks in the finale playing The Monty Python Theme, and the audience also joined in enthusiastically with a variety of rattles, bells, whistles and tambourines.

Written by Glen Phillips