Remembrance Concert 2017

Remembrance through eyes from across the pond

November 11, a time to remember, a time to reflect, a time to give thanks for all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to make us free.

When I arrived in the UK on Nov 10, 2016, my first encounter with the British culture was that of a somber celebration of remembrance. Seeing on television a military band playing music that reflected the sentiment of the UK for the fallen. The attention of the nation was upon the Queen as she laid a wreath at a memorial in London followed by a haunting but respectful silence.  Remembrance November 11.

This was my inspiration as I put together the St. Erth Concert Band November 10, 2017 concert in Marazion.   I wanted to recreate musically, and emotionally what I felt as I watched my first Remembrance in 2016.

Before the concert, as the MD, I spoke in preparation to the band. I asked that they take all focus off of trying to play perfectly, take all focus off themselves, and even take all focus off those in the audience who were going to listen to the nights program.  I knew if I just asked that they not play for any of the mentioned, and asked that they play for the reason……..the fallen from all wars…… I knew it was going to be a very emotional program.

From the opening reading and readings throughout, to the individual soloist and the best performance I have heard the St Erth band play, it was most definitely a concert the band should have been very proud of.

We created that very powerful emotion and respect that is due to all of the fallen who gave their selfless sacrifice…. Their ultimate sacrifice……… their lives so we all can live free.

The St Erth Band is an excellent musical organization filled with passionate musicians who have a great love for music and the musical power it can display.

MD  - Jeff “JB” Burton